Facelift Safaris, African Corporate Relocation Services, Consultation with surgeons, Post – op care, holiday, recuperation

African Corporate.
Relocation Agencies
( ACRA )

  Medical Assistance:- African Corporate Relocation Agencies (A C R A)
  Immigration   South Africa offers some of the best medical specialists, practitioners and hospitals available on the African continent.
  Facelift Safaris  
  Property Safaris  
  Financial Services   Owing to the increasing demand for these services we have opened a division which will incorporate the following :-
  Concierge Services  
  Event Management  
  Medical Assistance   Patient support
  Relocation Services  
  • Sourcing of Specialist/Doctors
  • Booking of appointments
  • Airport transfers (Limo or ambulance as required)
  • Negotiation of specialist and clinic fee’s
  • Air Charter or National Airline bookings. (as required)
  • Security services (as required)
  • Translator (as required)
  Recruitment Services  
  Repatriation Services  
  Cost of Living Surveys  
  Property Management  
  Contact Us  
  Enquiry form  
  Useful Links  
  • Medical permits
  • Spouse/family accompanying visa’s
  Currency Converter  
      Spouse support
  • Long or short-term accommodation
  • Car hire (with driver if required)
  • Introduction to religious services
  • Baby sitting services
  • Shopping / cooking services
      Out patient support
  • Nursing services (Full or part time)
  • Maids services
  • Hospital transfers
  • Medication