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  Property Safaris   ACRA Recruitment handles executive search, permanent and contract assignments. The company is based in Johannesburg and has the resources and experience to recruit nationally and internationally
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  Relocation Services   To be your employment equity recruitment partner of choice by leveraging our core values to deliver a service way beyond your expectations.
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      Our Philosophy
      ACRA Recruitment works tirelessly to develop lasting and mutually beneficial business partnerships with both its clients and candidates. We have an excellent reputation for delivering employees who are perfectly aligned to job specific criteria.
      We are very aware of the fact that, whilst skills and experience are extremely important in recruiting candidates that fit best in the many and varied cultural environments provided by clients, attitude and personality inevitably make the difference between an exceptional and an average employee. 
      With this in mind, our approach centres on the premise that effective recruitment must always take both client and candidate needs into account. As a result, we prioritise personal service, confidentiality, objective advice and only present candidates who perfectly match predetermined specifications.
      Our dedicated team of professional consultants always provide personalised service and operate with a strong commitment to finding staff specifically suited to the needs of our clients. Our consultants are backed up by a highly skilled and supportive administrative team and state of the art technology. We run ongoing staff training programmes and routinely conduct research aimed at keeping abreast of current trends and industry developments.
      Our Clients
      Staying ahead in todayís competitive marketplace means that organisations simply canít afford to make poor hiring decisions or retain employees not accurately aligned to job specific criteria. 
      Our aim then is to ensure that any candidate we put forward not only meets the job prerequisites as closely as possible, but is also the right person, capable of doing the right things and fitting into the organisationís internal culture.
      Building Solid Business Partnerships
      ACRA Recruitment consultants are employed on the basis of their ability to think laterally and in a progressive manner with the capability of developing strong, sustainable partnerships with clients and candidates to ensure the right fit. Our experienced consultants understand the importance of partnering with clients to gain a sound understanding of their business, company culture and staffing needs.
      In maintaining open channels of communication at all times, we endeavour to keep all parties informed of progress and guide clients through the various stages of the recruitment process.
      By developing long-term relationships we are able to provide educated recruitment and career instruction and useful solutions to interim problems. Our expertise means that we are more than capable of providing sound rate, trend and industry advice.
      We assist with package negotiation if appropriate.
      Providing Exceptional Candidates
      When it comes to finding the best candidate for the job, your input is critical and weíre particular about having a thorough understanding of the job specification. We maintain ongoing communication with HR and designated line managers to avoid any unnecessary delays.
      ACRA Recruitment uses proprietary software to manage its recruitment processes combined with industry resources, a network database and relevant advertising to identify suitable candidates for each job under review.
      We do not sacrifice quality for quantity - ever.
      We will only put forward select candidates with the intention of making your hiring decision as easy and painless as possible and in this way acting as a buffer to prevent you from having to sift through endless irrelevant CVs.
      Candidates are extensively screened using time-honoured and competency based techniques.
      We interview and brief each candidate on job requirements and the organisation to ensure suitability and preparation for the second client interview. Each candidate is provided with relevant company information thus facilitating personal research and readiness.
      To us, candidates and clients are of equal importance and our holistic recruitment approach takes the needs of both into account.
      Integrity Checks
      Credit and criminal checks under current legislation are conducted where appropriate. Qualification and identity verifications are also conducted on a needs basis. We take a different and detailed approach to references and always extensively interview previous employers to gain in-depth knowledge on candidate abilities and attitude.